For me, being at the beach is like painting…they both take me away from everyday tasks to a place of beauty.

The beach has always been with me.  Since my earliest memories as a child living in Point Lonsdale,  I dreamed of painting the ocean – its movement and colour.  Childhood adventures were Summer rock pool rambles, snorkelling over reefs, and surfing the “back beach” waves.  My village lies at the entrance to Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.  The wild seas of the dangerous Rip, the iconic lighthouse, old fishing pier, and sandy beaches are an artist’s paradise.  

I studied at “The Gordon” in Geelong with qualifications in Visual Arts, specialising in acrylic painting techniques.

I’m delighted that my art hangs in private collections internationally and in Australia.  Internationally – New York, Florida and Texas, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and Singapore. I have also exhibited in three European exhibitions in Bologna, Italy,  Aix-en-Provence, France and London.  In 2016, by invitation, I attended a three month painting residency in the Maldives.  I held a solo exhibition and tutored resort guests on a beautiful coral atoll in the Indian Ocean. 

My style contemporary and colorful, my painting mediums acrylics and mixed media, I use palette knife work and loose brushstrokes.  I am inspired by the marine environment – the sea, sailing yachts, sunny beaches, and coral reefs.

Before I settle at my easel each day, I walk my beloved Dachshund Patrick, by the ocean.   When I finish each day, we go for another walk, inspired and refreshed by the ever-changing sea and sky.

I love the Twitter post on my account, by an international solo sailor –

“You paint what it is to sail”.


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  1. Emma Hall

    We would like to mention that we saw some of your paintings in London where I was also exhibiting and we absolutely adore your work. The colours that you use are fascinating. We just wanted to tell how much we enjoyed looking at them.
    Emma Hall

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