For me, being at the beach is like living in a painting…they both take me away from everyday tasks to a place of beauty.

The beach has always been with me since my earliest memories as a child living in Point Lonsdale.  I dreamed of painting the ocean – its movement and colour.  I was immersed in it.  I now love painting the ocean whether in tropical Queensland or southern Victoria.    

Childhood adventures were always in or by the sea, whether snorkelling in rock pools and over reefs, or catching waves at high tide.

I’ve been very fortunate to be born into a family who have lived for four generations in picturesque, beautiful Point Lonsdale.  This wonderful village lies at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay with the amazing and dangerous Rip, sandy calm beaches, surf beach, rock pools, iconic lighthouse and fishing pier with regular shipping…an artist’s paradise.  

I studied at “The Gordon” in Geelong with qualifications in Visual Arts.

I’m delighted that my art hangs in private collections internationally and in Australia.  Internationally – New York, Florida and Texas, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, South-East Asia, Singapore.  Australia – Queensland, Westen Australia, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales,  I have also exhibited in three International exhibitions in Bologna, Italy,  Aix-en-Provence, France and a three month residency in the Maldives.   

Current works are available for viewing and purchase at “The Art Gallery”, Hamilton Island Queensland and “The Eagles Nest”, Great Ocean Road Victoria, through contacting me via this website.

Painting has always been my way of making dreams a reality.  My art mediums are acrylic on canvas, gouache and mixed media.  Surrounding myself with beautiful colours from nature in my home and studio through paint, soft furnishings, apparel and artworks inspires me daily.

Themes in my art are always grounded in the natural world…the deep and shallow ocean, vast skies, beautiful cloud formations, rockpools, sea creatures, underwater scenes, yachts and ships and picturesque sunrises and sunsets.

Before I settle to work at my easel in my studio each day with my beloved Dachshunds, Frankie and Patrick, at my feet, the three of us go for a beautiful walk in nature to ground me and to separate my day to day living from my working as an artist.  When I finish work in my studio each day, we all go for another walk, to be inspired and refreshed by the ever-changing sea and sky.

I love the Twitter post on my account, by an international solo sailor –

“You paint what it is to sail”.



1998 and 1999 Tourism Victoria commissions creating illustrations for Melbourne’s Bays & Peninsulas for brochures, posters and a touring coach. Many business commissions followed from the popularity of the campaigns.   

2001 Taste of Wine Award at Flinders Art Show, Mornington Peninsula for my painting, plein air, at Eldridge Estate of Red Hill, titled “Picking the Grapes”.  The award was sponsored by Elgee Park winery and judged by Director of the Geelong Regional Art Gallery, Geoffrey Edwards.  Following the art show, Elgee Park’s owner, Baillieu Myer, allowed me to paint at the winery during their grape harvest. 

2001-2004 Group and solo exhibitions in the Melbourne region

2004 -2012 Aspects Gallery, Blairgowrie commenced exhibiting my yacht paintings selling very well to buyers on the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbourne.

2007  Hamilton Island, on Australia’s Great BarrierReef, began exhibiting my paintings and continue to do so.  

2008  Hamilton Island, my first artist’s residency during the 25th Anniversary of their Race Week.  A month-long solo exhibition together with guest art classes.

2008-2012 Residencies on Hamilton Island Australia.  Group exhibitions Aspects Gallery, Blairgowrie.

2012, 2013, 2014  International group exhibitions in Italy and France.  Residencies on Hamilton Island, Australia.

2015   Group exhibition, London.  Residencies on Hamilton Island, Australia. 

2016 Maldives island resort artist residency for 3 months. Residencies on Hamilton Island, Australia.

2017  Point Lonsdale studio built after many years residing and working in nearby Ocean Grove.  Residencies on Hamilton Island, Australia. 

2018,2019 and 2020 Residencies and ongoing exhibitions on Hamilton Island Australia.  

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  1. Emma Hall

    We would like to mention that we saw some of your paintings in London where I was also exhibiting and we absolutely adore your work. The colours that you use are fascinating. We just wanted to tell how much we enjoyed looking at them.
    Emma Hall

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