Abstracts by Jane Kempe

Here I’m abstracting Summer’s vivid colours and light at the beach.  All works shown here are sold. Check what’s for sale in the Available Paintings category.  Or email me for newly completed works or commissioning me.

  1. Coral Sea
  2. Forest & The Sea
  3. Reef View
  4. Lagoon
  5. Totem Morocco
  6. Treasure
  7. Tangerine Dream
  8. I Thought About The Sea
  9. Big Wave
  10. Night Ocean
  11. Splash Reef
  12. Sublime
  13. Summer
  14. Coral Reefs 2.3.4
  15. Weave
  16. World Colours


  1. Rachelle

    I’m interested in purchasing a piece of your abstract range
    What sizes and price range are there .. hard to decide one by one
    Can I see them all together at the same time to compare

    1. Jane Kempe

      Hi again Rachelle, as noted in the description for Abstracts above, the works in this category shown have been sold. You’re welcome to commission a similar piece of your choosing or browse the pieces in Available Paintings.
      I have sent another email to you. I hope you received it. I can put the images alongside each other, into the body of an email for you. If this suits you, please reconfirm your email.
      Jane Kempe

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