Jane Kempe – Commissions

Jane receives many commissions. You’re welcome to email her with ideas for discussion.  Jane will supply you a small colour sketch of the intended painting .

At home or in the office, bring an uplifting feeling to your treasured spaces.

Email: jane.kempe@bigpond.com

  1. View from One Tree Hill, Hamilton Island – collector Japan
  2. The Proposal, Rottnest Island – collector Western Australia
  3. Dubbo The Breaker series – collector Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
  4. Lorne Front Beach, Great Ocean Road – collector Victoria
  5. Melbourne Cup Mural – detail
  6. Melbourne Cup Mural – the artist on site, Yarra Hotel, Yarrawonga, Victoria
  7. Melbourne Cup Mural, Yarra Hotel, Yarrawonga, Victoria
  8. View Kennett River, Great Ocean Road – collector Victoria
  9. Yacht Parade – collector USA
  10. Diving Ningaloo – collector Victoria
  11. Earth Totem – collector Victoria
  12. Tidal Zone – collector Victoria
  13. I Thought About the Sea – collector Victoria
  14. Representing my Country (Armed Forces)  – collector Queensland
  15. Birds of Paradise – collector Hamilton Island
  16. Friends – collector Victoria
  17. Bluff at Mullaloo – collector Western Australia
  18. Helsal during a typhoon – collector Queensland
  19. Maldives dhoni – collector Maldives