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  1. Emma Hall

    We would like to mention that we saw some of your paintings in London where I was also exhibiting and we absolutely adore your work. The colours that you use are fascinating. We just wanted to tell how much we enjoyed looking at them.
    Emma Hall

  2. Rachelle

    I’m interested in purchasing a piece of your abstract range
    What sizes and price range are there .. hard to decide one by one
    Can I see them all together at the same time to compare

    1. Jane Kempe

      Hi again Rachelle, as noted in the description for Abstracts above, the works in this category shown have been sold. You’re welcome to commission a similar piece of your choosing or browse the pieces in Available Paintings.
      I have sent another email to you. I hope you received it. I can put the images alongside each other, into the body of an email for you. If this suits you, please reconfirm your email.
      Jane Kempe

  3. Kim Lowe

    Dear Jane,
    Your work is so vibrant and you capture the seascapes so well.
    I really love this ocean waves piece.
    Can I please obtain some more information about prices of your commissioned work and timeframes?
    Kind regards
    Kim Lowe